About Dana


IMG_1471Why I’m here:

I find repentance and make amends through writing, through the struggle between mind and paper. 

I am stepping out in grace here, in this space, stumbling toward grace, really. I want to share and write with you, not for your approval, but to try to name and understand our experiences because our stories are a little less overwhelming when we’re telling them together. My friend, Theresa, says the biggest compliment you can get as writer is someone saying, “Me too.” And isn’t a room of whispered “me too’s” stronger and more powerful than applause? Shauna Niequist said she writes, “As an offering, not a performance.” And that’s what I want, too. Performing is scary, an offering for a community — an authentic one — is imperfect and broken, but fun. Compassion beats comparison and mercy beats scrutiny.  

The other stuff:

I have three energetic, growing boys and a tall, analytical, kind husband. I’m a full-time middle school and part-time college teacher. When I get a moment alone, I love photography, cooking, and taking long walks whilIMG_1914e listening to podcasts. Some of my favorite things are shelves bursting with books, laughter, good music, Grand Traverse Select Red Wine, and fresh salsa.

I struggle with trying too hard to prove myself, and fall into the trap of valuing productivity over finding JOY in what I do. I’m working on this.